FAQ for Angel's Shelter

Angel’s Shelter was begun by Aster Bedico as a place for animals left behind after the Taal volcano exploded in 2020. These were rescued by PETA and passed on to him for care.

Afterwards, he discovered many unwanted animals, such as blind dogs, kittens on the streets,

To make animal rescue sustainable, he envisioned a shelter where vegetation could also grow and feed the animals. He and his friends converted a dump site and turned it into an organic garden, growing food and medicinal plants that the animals would instinctively eat when they get sick.

The animals are visited regularly by the kids who engaged in art inside the enclosure, benefiting the residents and the developing the children’s capacity to identify animal behaviour and establish harmony with nature.

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We do animal rescue, food rescue, etc.
We’re located at 1 Hershey Drive, Barangay Canlalay, Laguna, Philippines
Take SLEX and exit at Southwoods
Please choose an animal and send us a message
Yes, please leave us a message. We’d appreciate if you’d visit regularly and share some food for it as well

We Support Food Rescue Philippines

Some of our food rescue goes to the animals in our shelter
What's Food Rescue?